Participating entities

The PECT Litoral Besòs Sustainable Territory project is made up of five member entities, of which two are city councils of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona -those of Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona- that have an aggregate population of just over 250,000 inhabitants. The other three entities are the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Besòs Consortium and the B_tec Foundation. The latter participates as a non-beneficiary entity.

The PECT is represented by the Ajuntament of Sant Adrià de Besòs and each participant is responsible for different operations that make up an integral intervention aimed at generating applied research and business attraction around natural resources such as water, energy and ground.

Ajuntaments de Sant Adrià de Besòs i Badalona

Both municipalities have a majority stake in the partnership that develops the PECT and provide multiple previous collaboration experiences that guarantee both their ability to start shared projects, as a joint strategic orientation and a strong commitment in addressing the challenges posed by a territory with a high social, urban, political and economic complexity. Sant Adrià and Badalona share a seafront that is at present still in the process of conversion, regeneration and development, due to its industrial history and the presence of important energy infrastructures, with great potential for improving the quality of life of the city. Citizenship, both at the local and metropolitan level.

An example of the fruits of this collaboration is the project of urban review of the seafront on the left bank of the river Besòs, created with the aim of recovering 30 hectares of coastal areas. In order to promote them, both municipalities created, in March 2016, a participatory space that crystallized in a multimunicipal Citizen Council formed by 100 people with a great capacity for citizen representation and involved in different sectors of society of both cities.

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), with 32,000 students, is a leading entity in the research activity in terms of the size and content of its projects, both nationally and in Europe. Its prestige is objectively assessed through the analysis of the results obtained in the Shanghai Ranking, a report that positions the best institutions in the world in the thematic areas in which the present PECT is focused.

Since the inauguration of the new Diagonal-Besòs Campus in the fall of 2016, the municipal district of Sant Adrià has a first-level university center  which will reach 3,500 students and 400 teachers- that responds to the desire to create a new pole of innovation that becomes an international reference in industrial technologies, based on the teaching, research and business triangle.

The UPC is an institution close to the environment and involved with its economic, cultural and social development. Its participation is essential when it comes to providing its knowledge and experience in the fields of research of this PECT.

Consorci del Besòs

The Besòs Consortium was initially constituted by the city councils of Barcelona and Sant Adrià to recover environmentally the final section of the Besòs River, the backbone of this territory. In 2013 the municipalities of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Montcada i Reixac were added. More recently, the incorporation of Badalona has given boost to the structuring of this space and to its urban planning and its management of the land. As well as the recovery, execution and conservation of key infrastructures located around the river and the coast adjacent to its mouth.

The relationship between the Consortium and the City Council of Sant Adrià goes back to its origins in 1998, with such outstanding collaborations as the development of the coastal area of ​​the Besòs right bank, which together with the recovery of the final stretch of the river, supposes the turning point in the regeneration and transformation of all this sector.

It has also participated in the definition and execution of the Forum space, which brings together the main environmental and energy infrastructures in the country, which coexist with a series of recreational spaces amongst the most visited in the metropolitan area.

b_TEC Foundation

The project has the collaboration of the b_TEC Foundation, responsible for coordinating the design and development of the Besòs-Diagonal Campus, as a non-beneficiary entity of the FEDER Fund. Its Board of Trustees is made up of the UPC, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the local administrations integrated in the Consortium of Interuniversity Campus Diagonal-Besòs and a representative of the University of Barcelona. It is chaired by the rector of the UPC.

The b_TEC Foundation works to link a university infrastructure of the strength of the Diagonal-Besòs Campus in the territory that surrounds it with the purpose of promoting its economic development, paying special attention to the social economy, to make the presence of the university becomes an engine of the social transformation of the environment, capable of generating opportunities in an area that specially needs it.